Top 6 Natural Drinks To Purify Blood

Blood is for the body what is the fuel for the car. Having pure blood is synonymous with health. To eliminate some toxins in this liquid, here are some very effective natural drinks.

1. Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice is one of the best drinks to purify blood in a natural way. This juice is prepared with beets, but also with its leaves. It is powerful and allows to restructure the blood.

2. Red beets

Wash the beets well as well as the leaves. Dry and cut the beets so that they can hold in a blender and add the leaves and a little water. Drink this juice on an empty stomach.

This drink is ideal for activating the metabolism and reducing the fat present in the body. In addition, it helps eliminate excess salt from the body, and helps to clean the blood.


  1. 12 cloves of garlic
  1. ½ liter of red wine

Cut the 12 garlic cloves into pieces, put them in a glass container with half a liter of red wine. Close the container well and expose it near a window in the sunlight for two weeks. Once this time has elapsed, filter the contents of the container and pour into another glass container. Take a spoon 3 times a day for a month.

3- The green juice to clean the blood

This juice is good for removing toxins and impurities from the blood. In addition to this, its consumption is also recommended to activate the metabolism and lose weight.


  1. A handful of spinach
  1. 3 branches of cards
  1. 2 apples
  1. A handful of parsley
  1. 1 lemon
  1. 1 cucumber

How to prepare it?

Put all the ingredients in a blender, mix a few seconds and consume the well fresh to enjoy all its properties.

4. The infusion of burdock

Burdock is a powerful herb that can help cleanse the blood and lymphatic system. It is recommended to consume it as an infusion to reduce congestion and swelling, eliminate toxins through the skin and urine. It is also recommended for people with arthritis, sciatica, gout, acne, blood acidity, edema, kidney stones or liver problems, etc.

5. The dandelion infusion

Dandelion infusion is one of the best popular depurative drinks because of its exceptional effectiveness. It is good for combating water retention and for removing toxins and waste accumulated in the body. This infusion is safe and effective for cleaning the blood of all impurities.

6. The nettle infusion

This is another great infusion to naturally detoxify the blood and eliminate toxic substances that can affect health. It is also used to treat liver and kidney problems.