Fifa 19 Ultimate Edition

This year again, Fifa returns with the ambition to become the best PS4 game in football , console. An ambition assumed, especially via his jacket in the colors of two of the biggest stars of the round ball, the Portuguese five-time gold ball Cristiano Ronaldo and the young Brazilian Neymar , star at Paris Saint Germain.

But what matters are the sensations once on the ground, joystick in hand! Electronic Arts offers every year its novelty, and this edition Fifa 19 ultimate edition is no exception to the rule.

The graphics have been fine-tuned, with soccer stars recognizing themselves at first glance. Moreover, the prowess of the motion capture allowed to reproduce perfectly the gestures characteristic of the most skillful and famous players. We will see Mbappé take the ball and accelerate as he knows so well, Messi use his divine left foot in ultra-closed angles, Modric deliver his passes millimeter in the feet of his virtual teammates.

It’s simple, by setting the TV, you will sometimes wonder if it is a real match or a game. Beautiful!

In terms of improvements, note the new active ball control system, which makes the game more fluid. If it is necessary to start again, we quickly get used to this new form of play and everything becomes more natural, more realistic.

There is also an evolution in the duels. At each new encounter, the clashes between players in the field are more intense and many parameters are taken into account: the speed, the physical, the remaining energy … Defending becomes a capital art when attacking demands more concentration. Whoever wins a duel will be jubilant!

Fifa 19 also relies on a synchronized finishing system, which allows to place strikes of purity still unmatched in a football video game . Seeing a 25-meter shot take off in the direction of the opposing skylight and entering the cage causes a joy that only Fifa players know!

The matches are particularly tight and the virtual football fans will be able to throw in games of which only the best will emerge victorious. What to expect long nights in hand.

This Ultimate Edition offers interesting bonuses. You will have early access to the game, to make your hand before others, 3 days before the release of the game. In addition, you will get for 20 weeks packs of Jumbo Gold , for your shopping in Game. You will also have the opportunity to get on loan, CR7 or Neymar Junior! What will you ensure some victories! In addition, an exclusive jersey and a special player will be reserved for you.

A complete edition , with all the licenses of the current football, and hours of play in perspective. Fifa is back in the most beautiful way!