Ear Pain In Case Of Cooling

When the middle ear is under pressure:

During a cooling, the mucous membranes of the middle ear are ignited simultaneously, which generates ear pains and unpleasant pressure on the ears. Since this part of the ear is directly connected to the nose and pharynx, cooling viruses, which have already caused colds, sore throats and coughs, can penetrate the ear. In most cases, adults will not suffer from ear infections, children are more vulnerable. Some ancestral home remedies and natural source medications can help them overcome these unpleasant manifestations effectively.

How the pressure in the ear develops:

When the narrow connection between the nasopharynx and the middle ear, called the auditory tube or tube, swells to prevent pathogens from entering, the cavity filled with air behind the eardrum becomes clogged. Inflammatory secretions can not flow and prevent the compensation of accumulated pressure. The middle ear is exposed to high pressure. Particularly acute and pulsating pains in the ear are typical symptoms of this condition, sometimes accompanied by fever, hearing problems and vertigo.

Children often suffer from ear pain when cooling:

As the hearing trunk is shorter in newborns and infants, a common cold or cough can quickly turn into an ear infection. It is for this reason that children suffer from ear infections more than adults. Well-tolerated drugs, such as globules or atrial drops with active plant ingredients and external applications, such as wraps, are therefore particularly suitable for the treatment of these small patients. See advice .

Aeration brings relief:

To relieve ear pain, the blocked middle ear should be ventilated. Being connected directly via the auditory trunk with the nose, all anti-cold treatments simultaneously relieve the ears. As soon as the ear is clear, the inflammation can regress.

The outer ear can also suffer from cooling:

Ear pain is not just caused by cooling viruses that reach the ear from the inside. The ear can suffer from cooling from outside – for example in the case of drafts – and igniting. In this case, it is the ear canal between the ear and the eardrum that is affected, while otitis is behind the eardrum.

How to treat ear pain?

Onion wrap . An old family remedy very effective when ear pains begin to manifest themselves. The main ingredient is found in all households because this wrap works with therapeutic properties of the onion. The essential oils of onion have anti-inflammatory properties capable of relieving pain.

Simultaneously treat a cold (if you have otitis). Clear nasal breathing aids the middle ear and thereby promotes faster healing. See the tips in the Cold chapter .