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How far will our lives be turned upside down by artificial intelligence? Inverse magazine looked at the issue and found arguments to say that in just 10 years, artificial intelligence will be trivialized enough to be part of every aspect of our lives.

In the last decade, artificial intelligence has transformed the world subtly but profoundly. But this has nothing to do with what awaits us in the next decade in view of the innovations currently being developed. Voice recognition built into all smartphones was just a test. In the next ten years, the AI ​​will make more progress than in the past 50 years. With innovations rapidly applicable to business, politics and personal lives, the influence of AI will soon touch every facet of our lives. surprising innovations that prove that our lives and our society will soon be changed forever by artificial intelligence.


The kitchen is perfectly suited to AI, since it’s all about knowing how to combine a list of ingredients in different ways and in different dosages. Products like Hello Egg  not only make it easier to find and make recipes, but also monitor your eating habits to eat healthier. Admittedly, some experiments involving AI in the design of meals have not been conclusive but let us not forget that IBM has meanwhile taken the subject  and that Chef Watson will not miss new ideas.


It’s not quite developed yet, but Amazon’s idea of ​​making shopping in the store less complicated than online shopping is only possible with the AI ​​behind it. Online shopping algorithms are on the shovel today, but Pinterest’s fascinating project could extend the idea to the real world. The prediction will also play a bigger role than ever, since from Etsy to Amazon itself , all vendors use the AI ​​to suggest the perfect product to customers and ensure live from the warehouse that this product is available.


As ridiculous as its name, the technology ”  Pay With Your Face ” could be a great time saver. The development of facial recognition algorithms will soon be fast enough and cheap enough to support millions of daily transactions. And machine learning can teach a computer to recognize more than just faces. Wells Fargo and others plan to secure certain financial transactions through user voice analysis.

Running a business:

OK, it’s hard to trust someone who sincerely believes that the term “Pay with your face” can punch. But the speech of Alibaba founder Jack Ma has an aspect that commands admiration: in the coming decades, the best bosses in the world could be robots. If management is to identify and assign talent, then the AI ​​might be able to do it. But some, like Nell Watson of the Singularity University think tank , think instead that the emergence of AI would make people so able to organize themselves that their own managers would become less important.

Choose a date:

This is a completely different task from the drag, even if with a sufficiently powerful algorithm, it is also much easier. The idea is that the AI ​​would know you so well that it could swipe on Tinder for you .


It’s hard to stay in the game and some just need training. Although AI will (fortunately) never replace human interaction, it will soon offer a good overview of what that would give. Chatbots abound and present the possibility of practicing basic interactions with the opposite sex. You do not think it works? Cleverbot has already shown that he can successfully discuss with a significant number of women on the OKCupid website .