6 Benefits Of Inbound Marketing Campaign

Why do inbound marketing?

1. Authentic marketing

In the philosophy of inbound marketing, content is used to educate customers by giving them information based on their research and needs. Thus, this type of marketing is not used for promotional purposes. We talk less about the brand, but more about what interests our potential customers. It requires understanding, being attentive to their expectations and concerns, knowing their needs and, above all, providing solutions .

  • Outbound marketing: the company goes to the consumer.
  • Inbound marketing: the consumer goes to the business.

All in all, the content is created according to the needs of the customer and not those of the company . Content creation is at the heart of any inbound marketing strategy. To proceed, you must create original content (blog, ebook, video, tutorials, etc.) that will arouse the interest of your potential customers.

2. Attract your ideal customers

Generating leads is good … but generating qualified leads is even better

If visitors see your content, it means that they are interested in the solution you offer them. They become potential customers.

 Thus, you do not impose your products, but you offer a solution to the problems of your prospects in addition to positioning you as an expert in your field. In addition, with inbound marketing, potential customers who come to you have already been educated through your content. They will be ready and qualified for sale.

The key elements to succeed:

  • Good content
  • The right person
  • The good moment
  • The right place

3. Non-intrusive marketing

One of the great strengths of inbound marketing is that it allows for non-intrusive promotion . Thus, it is the customers who come to you, and not you who run after them with a lot of intrusive techniques or sometimes aggressive advertising tactics. For example: send emails daily, put too much pop-up on your website, make Facebook posts and advertisements that only talk about your product or service, etc.

4. An approach that lasts through time

It must be admitted that an inbound marketing strategy is a project that spans several months, or even several years. This is a medium and long term commitment. However, when efforts are deployed, inbound marketing is, without a doubt, the strategy that will last the longest.

Unlike any other traditional marketing strategy, the effects do not fall once the campaign stops . Your web pages that have gained authority in the search engines will remain in the first results. This ensures continuous traffic and leads. Also, the created content will continue to circulate and accumulate on the Web and will remain equally relevant over time. It is also suggested to optimize and relaunch your existing content, so that it remains relevant. Interested? Read this article to find out how .

5. Costs lower than traditional advertising

Certainly, setting up an inbound marketing strategy requires an investment of time and money. However, costs remain lower over time than traditional advertising, since inbound marketing offers long-term visibility and profitability in contrast to traditional advertising that is ephemeral.

 In the world of the Web, everything is measurable and traceable. With inbound marketing, you’ll know exactly how much it costs to buy a customer. In addition, you will know the path he has traveled from the awareness stage with your brand to the purchase of your product or service. Inbound marketing will provide you with valuable results and information that you would not be able to have with traditional advertising.

6. Better ROI, guaranteed!

Here is the point that will convince you. Considering that any manager’s concern is return on investment, here’s how inbound marketing can be profitable for you .

It is important to understand that the revenue generated by inbound marketing is proportional to the traffic generated on your website. Thus, the more you are active in inbound marketing, the higher the revenue generated by the traffic. In just 7 months , you will quickly see the fruits of your efforts impact your website and your sales.